Legal Services in Stuttgart

Legal Services in Stuttgart

Updated on Friday 10th April 2020

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For those who intend to invest in southern Germany, our law firm can offer professional legal services in Stuttgart, that you can rely on in your business activity. From the initiation of a business to more personal matters such as those regarding family and inheritance organization, you can call on the prompt and trustworthy service of our German lawyers.

Company formation in Stuttgart

When you decide to open a company in Germany, the legislation of the state requires several steps that you must follow in order to apply for a name and register the business. The investor will have to file several documents to the Trade Register Office and to follow the steps of the company formation procedure. Our attorneys in Germany can offer legal assistance so that you  can accomplish these tasks in the shortest time possible:
  • decide for one of the legal structures that the German state provides for the initiation of new companies; two of the most popular such structures are the limited liability company (GmbH) and the general partnership (OHG);
  • the preparation of several documents such as the articles of association for the company; 
  • finding a bank and open the corporate bank account (where the minimum capital can be deposited).
For such legal procedures as well as for legal counseling regarding company formation, our attorneys in Germany can work as intermediaries between investors and legal authorities. 

Mergers and acquisitions

Among the legal services provided by our law firm in Germany you will find as well all the support you may need in the effectuation of a merging and acquisition procedure. Our German lawyers will speed up the process by accelerating the step of documentation thus allowing you to dedicate all your time to your business responsibilities. 

Arbitrations, mediations and corporate litigations in Stuttgart

Even in more delicate moments for your business, you can continue to rely on a prompt and skillful legal support from our German lawyers. Whether you are involved in a legal dispute or you require one of our legal services of mediation or arbitration, you can confidently collaborate with our law firm. You can choose to be represented in court or along litigation procedures by one of our attorneys, who will do everything possible to help you settle the situation in an easily and smooth manner. 

Tax advice and planning 

For the success of your company you might think as well to use tax planning. Our law firm offers personalized tax advice. You can discuss tax minimization strategies and tax deduction opportunities with our attorneys in Germany in order to develop a suitable taxation plan for your business. 

Licenses and permits

In our law office in Germany you can ask about the obtaining procedure for permits and business licenses. Our lawyers can assist you with information about the required authorizations and they can help you apply immediately granting you a fast elaboration of the needed documentation.

Termination of business activities

When you intend to conclude your business activity, our lawyers in Germany can help you deal with the remaining issues of the company. You can rely on their help to settle everything in order according to the German law. 
Feel free to contact our law firm in Germany in order to employ one of the legal services we offer in Stuttgart and in other important German cities.