Legal Services in Cologne

Legal Services in Cologne

Updated on Thursday 23rd March 2017

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Legal Services in Cologne

Our law firm in Germany offers various legal services in Cologne, in order to answer to the needs of our clients who intend to open a company or conduct business in this city. Regardless whether you have already started a company or you are a natural person, you can benefit from the legal assistance of our lawyers who can give you more information on different legal issues and guide you through the legal procedures that you might encounter in Cologne. 

Company formation services in Cologne 

Our attorneys in Germany can help you follow the Commercial Law in this country, whenever you have to comply with its provisions. For example when you intend to open a company in this city, our law firm can help you respect the procedure provided in the law, follow each step and elaborate the required documentation.  
Our lawyers in Germany can further explain you the main differences between several types of entities in order to choose the best option for your enterprise. You might decide to open a German limited liability company, which remains a very popular option among foreign investors, or your business objectives might be better represented in a joint stock company.

Subsidiary or branch office in Cologne 

Our law firm can be your advisor in the procedure of establishing a subsidiary or opening a branch office in Cologne. The main difference between the two cases is that the subsidiary has much more independence than the branch, which remains subordinated to the parent company. You can find out more about the advantages of each entity by discussing in detail with our German lawyers.

Permits and licenses in Cologne 

Business may vary in size and domain, but in general most of the enterprises in Cologne have to apply for a permit or licence according to the type of activity it conducts. Our attorneys in Germany can help you find the appropriate authority to address for a specific license and they can also help you elaborate the official documents required for the application.

Mergers and acquisitions in Germany 

Sometime in your business career in Cologne you might take the decision to merge with another firm or to buy another company. Our attorneys remain at your disposal with legal advice for these situations.

Liquidation of a company 

For whatever reasons you decide at some point to close a business activity or a company, you can confidently address to our lawyers in Cologne who can help you go through this extensive procedure. Our team can be of real support as well with legal advice in order to help you avoid bankruptcy.

Other legal services 

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Germany for professional assistance in any legal services you might need in Cologne or in any other German city.